Welcome to The Balloon Master Show!

The Last Friday of every month only at Amazing Clowns, Las Vegas, NV!

Doors at 9:30, Show at 10:00.


For those not familiar with The Balloon Master, first thing is, it's not about the balloons.  Oh yes, he's a world-class artist in that sense, but he uses his powers for evil, not good.  If you are tired of the same old lame shows they have on the strip, and would like something a bit edgier, immature, and unprofessional, then this show is for you!  It's the show you'd be embarrassed to watch with your parents (although many parents do come, at least once).

The Balloon Master believes that true artistic creativity cannot be planned in advance, so putting together an accurate description of what will actually occur the night of the show can be difficult. However, we guarantee you will see at minimum, these things:  Burlesque, a gathering of lovelies who drink on stage during the show (in the appropriately named Drunk Bitch Corner), live music, a sketch troupe doing Break Shit Theater, a wild, crowd-pleasing feature called Stage Melee, as well as other various forms of entertainment that teenagers would love to see, if they were old enough to enter the theater.

Joining The Balloon Master is his trusty host Bruce Radel, the Wayward Ravishing Wonder of the World, as well as troupe of the most deranged entertainers the city has to offer.  Cap that off with 2 of the homeliest-looking cameramen, and you will never want to see another show again!

Tickets are $10 at the door.

Amazing Clowns
3525 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121

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