Meet the Cast

  • Rob Cole (The Balloon Master) – 10 years of a failed stand-up comedy career, this man aspires to one day become like his heroes Carrot Top and Gallagher. Balloons are indirectly responsible for both of his doomed marriages.


  • Bruce Radel – The Wayward Ravishing Wonder of the World and the voice of Freak Show Wrestling. This former marine is the voice of reason for this show. Check out his radio show live Wednesdays 6PM-7PM PT.


  • Orangey the Mine – “Nothing”


  • Butch Manilow – The archenemy of Scorch the Clown, Butch has done more than anyone else to be a part of this insane show…milking, having cow tongues thrown at him, bleaching his butthole…
    Just so you know he's not gay, and he really loves the puss.


  • Ivana Blaze – “Smokin!'” Shows up late for the show, but when she does show up she can be seen passing out corndogs on a pole like Liberace at a gay pride parade. Ivana can also been seen producing her own burlesque show Pussyrama at the Artifice, first Sunday of every month.


  • Tralena Sable - Known as the "perfect combination of brains and booty," Tralena originates from Michigan, were she got her start dancing in and around the state, picking up gigs as a dancer for national rock bands. Now she resides in Las Vegas where she can be found performing belly dance and burlesque all over the valley…and being a behind the scenes instigator at the show.


  • Rich Hosey – AKA Richardo Montalbum. His addiction to waffles, bacon, and blueberry waffles is 2nd to none. He is the official show script printer (believe it or not, we actually have a script). Make sure to catch his quarter juggernaut “Brunchlesque!”


  • Robbie Komrs – Ever since exploding onto the Las Vegas comedy scene three-ish years ago, Robbie has been on a relentless quest for meaning in a meaningless universe. During that, he intermittently performs stand-up and happily slaves for TBMSF:BR. Robbie once said of the show, to a stranger at the bar in response to a question that was never actually asked of him, "If you somehow can't have a good time here, you should be sent to a Balloonatic asylum." He then nudged the person in the ribs and chuckled to himself.


  • David Collins – Works his ass off as stagehand for about $20 every month (give or take). He's the calm that keeps the madness from spilling over.


  • Ben Kimberlin– Ben is a video editor and the back stage manager for the Balloon Master show. A hopeless nerd and unrepentant technophile, he has a background in theater, has always been a stage addict, and loves telling stories. In his spare time, Ben creates machenima, writes short stories, and performs standup comedy around Las Vegas. His latest contribution to the show, Slutty Batman, is currently tied for the lead in the Fat Man Lap Dance Tap Out. Though it appears that Slutty Batman will be retired and a new character brought forth at the September show.
  • Website: Ben's Comedy on YouTube


  • Don Charette – Our favorite creepy uncle has worked for the show for three years and he has produced the 2nd greatest 30 second clip ever!


  • Jordan Hershenhouse - AKA The Funny Wonder, works his ass off at 2 volunteer jobs (Food pantry and USO) and a comedian and helps the Balloon Master any way he can. Don't mess with him though he's a 12th degree gold belt in karate.
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